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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject 10.5 fix candidates
Date Thu, 27 Jan 2011 00:20:15 GMT
Hello, I am doing my periodic look at possible 10.5 backports.

Does anyone see issues with porting any of the fixes below as far as  10.5?



j> -- report on Derby JIRAs fixed in 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 but not 10.5

select s."key", s."title", s."assignee"
from table( "apacheVanillaJiraReport"( 
) ) s  where  "type" = 'Bug' AND "version" LIKE '%10.5%' AND 
("fixVersion" LIKE '%10.8%' OR "fixVersion" LIKE '%10.7%' OR 
"fixVersion" LIKE '%10.6%')  AND "component" != 'Documentation'  AND NOT 
"fixVersion" LIKE '%10.5%'  AND "resolution" = 'Fixed';
DERBY-4979  |[DERBY-4979] build.properties in 
plugins/eclipse/org.apache.derby.ui refers to non-existent file 
install_plugin.html            |Myrna van Lunteren
DERBY-4895  |[DERBY-4895] Thread local 
TableDescriptor#referencedColumnMap is not removed from app threads when 
Derby is shut down           |Dag H. Wanvik
DERBY-4881  |[DERBY-4881] Deadlock accessing 
|Kristian Waagan
DERBY-4798  |[DERBY-4798] NPE in nested outer 
|Dag H. Wanvik
DERBY-4743  |[DERBY-4743] Attempt to access a DECLARE GLOBAL TEMPORARY 
TABLE after commit in an XA transaction in Network server fails.      
|Mike Matrigali
DERBY-4723  |[DERBY-4723] Using an instance lock to protect static 
shared data in 
EmbedPooledConnection                                      |Kristian Waagan
DERBY-4712  |[DERBY-4712] Complex nested joins 
|Dag H. Wanvik
DERBY-4711  |[DERBY-4711] Hung thread after another thread is 
|Luke Quinane
DERBY-4692  |[DERBY-4692] Unions between BOOLEAN and non-BOOLEAN 
datatypes should be 
rejected                                                |Rick Hillegas
DERBY-4679  |[DERBY-4679] Several left outer joins causes unstable query 
with incorrect results                                              |Dag 
H. Wanvik
DERBY-4626  |[DERBY-4626] Timestamp truncated when converted to string 
with explicit calendar                                                
|C.S. Nirmal J. Fernando
DERBY-4625  |[DERBY-4625] TIMESTAMP function doesn't accept 
|C.S. Nirmal J. Fernando
DERBY-4601  |[DERBY-4601] Shutting down just a single database should 
log a different message than shutting down the system                  
|Mamta A. Satoor
DERBY-4585  |[DERBY-4585] IndexChanger.doDelete throws 
|Knut Anders Hatlen
DERBY-4582  |[DERBY-4582] Timestamps inserted with GMT calendar are 1 
hour later when subsequently read with GMT calendar (Server Mode 
Only).|Knut Anders Hatlen
DERBY-4531  |[DERBY-4531] Client setCharacterStream closes its Reader 
argument stream in finalizer                                           
|Dag H. Wanvik
DERBY-4500  |[DERBY-4500] CLASSPATH scripts should not exit on 
|Bryan Pendleton
DERBY-4491  |[DERBY-4491] The network client changes UDTs into Strings 
and returns their type as LONGVARBINARY.                              
|Rick Hillegas
DERBY-4475  |[DERBY-4475] [patch] roleName isn't trimmed as 
DERBY-4473  |[DERBY-4473] [patch] remove some allocated but unused 
objects                                                                   |Unassigned 

DERBY-4472  |[DERBY-4472] [patch] non short circuit op, could cause eof 
DERBY-4471  |[DERBY-4471] Left outer join reassociation rewrite gives 
wrong result                                                           
|Dag H. Wanvik
DERBY-4465  |[DERBY-4465] Typo in error message from 
|Knut Anders Hatlen
DERBY-4459  |[DERBY-4459] Verification error at execute-time when an 
outer function which takes a primitive arg is wrapped around an inner 
f&|Rick Hillegas
DERBY-4426  |[DERBY-4426] With generated columns,  INSERT with DEFAULT 
inside a VALUES clause inside a UNION fails.                          
|Dag H. Wanvik
DERBY-4371  |[DERBY-4371] Non-selected columns for SELECT DISTINCT 
allowed in ORDER BY clause if ordered by 
expression                       |C.S. Nirmal J. Fernando
DERBY-4343  |[DERBY-4343] ASSERT FAILED calling setTransactionIsolation 
checking isolation_ == level   on  pooled connection                 
|Lily Wei
DERBY-4315  |[DERBY-4315] Attempt to reuse streams in client on insert 
gives protocol exception and inserts wrong data                       
DERBY-4283  |[DERBY-4283] setEmbeddedCP should not exit on 
|Bryan Pendleton
DERBY-4282  |[DERBY-4282] strange behavior with the "update ... where 
current of c1" in the CheckConstraintTest                              
|Eranda Sooriyabandara
DERBY-4067  |[DERBY-4067] 
ClientConnectionPoolDataSource.getPooledConnection and 
ClientXADataSource.getXAConnection ignore connection attrib&|Kristian 
DERBY-4052  |[DERBY-4052] SQLChar.copyState() doesn't copy 
|Yun Lee
DERBY-4051  |[DERBY-4051] The javadoc for SpaceTable refers to an alias 
that doesn't seem to work                                            
|Tiago R. Espinha
DERBY-3953  |[DERBY-3953] VIEWS which invoke user-coded functions may 
return different results depending on who SELECTs from them            
DERBY-3944  |[DERBY-3944] CHECK constraints involving user-coded 
functions may return different results depending on who performs the 
trigge&|Rick Hillegas
DERBY-3898  |[DERBY-3898] Blob.setBytes differs between embedded and 
client driver when the specified length is invalid                      
|Yun Lee
DERBY-3650  |[DERBY-3650] internal multiple references from different 
rows to a single BLOB/CLOB stream leads to various errors when second 
&|Kristian Waagan
DERBY-1595  |[DERBY-1595] Network server fails with 
DRDAProtocolException if a BLOB with size 2147483647 is streamed from 
client             |Kristian Waagan

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