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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Jira cleanup and triage
Date Thu, 13 Jan 2011 20:40:15 GMT
I started the process of Jira cleanup and  see that many have been 
working on their own issues by looking at the reports in the Personal 
View column on :

Thank you and please do this if you have not already.  The command to 
link an svn change to a fix version on trunk is:
svn cat -r <svn version> <path to 

I apologize for all the related spam.  Unfortunately it has been a long 
time since we have done this so it is generating a lot of mail. In 
continuation of the effort  I plan the following more broad based bulk 
changes tomorrow after folks finish their individual cleanup,  which 
happily can be made without email, but may not be very exact.

1) For fixed issues with no fix versions prior to the 10.5 release date 
I would like to set the fix version based on the resolution date and 
whether it was before the initial release date on the branch. (169 of 211)

2) For resolved issues that are not closed , I would like to close 
anything resolved before Jan 1, 2010.

For triage of  the unresolved issues (there are 1084, 478 bugs), what is 
needed is to review each issue, make sure it is current and relevant and 
all the proper check boxes are set, newcomer, high value fix, repro 
available etc.  Perhaps we can break this up by component if anyone else 
is interested in this exercise.   Please respond to this thread with the 
ones you would like to volunteer look at.  The criteria for high value 
fix is here:

Also be on the lookout and mark  as newcomer  any issues that would be 
good for new developers coming on the project.

Thanks for your patience especially with the mail.  Quote of the day 
comes from Dag on IRC this morning...

"entropy is always lurking if we don't make some periodic cleanups..."


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