Normally I try to  run  the following tests using the Junit Tests on a new release but have not done so for 10.7.
Since we only really have significant JUnit tests after 10.3 I usually only test from 10.3 and higher.  Analysis can be time consuming but tends to find  issues, and release notes needed. For example, for 10.5 we found, : DERBY-4122, DERBY-4127, DERBY-4128, DERBY-4135, plus missing release notes for DERBY-2085 and DERBY-1062

Soft upgrade testing: Create database system/wombat with the old version. Then using the old derbyTesting.jar and new  product jars, run suites.All.  Then rerun with the old jars and make sure tests are clean.

Hard upgrade testing:  Create database system/wombat with old version. Connect with 10.5 with upgrade=true. Then run suites.all with 10.5 derbyTesting.jar and product jars.

Client/Server compatibility testing:

a) Put derbyclient.jar and derbyTesting.jar from the old version and the other product jars from 10.5 in your classpath. Run tests and analyze failures

b) Put derbyTesting.jar and server jars from the old version and derbyclient.jar from the new version in your classpath. Run tests and analyze failures.