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From dag.wan...@oracle.com (Dag H. Wanvik)
Subject Re: 10.7.1 release notes and buddy testing
Date Fri, 12 Nov 2010 16:50:22 GMT

thanks for preparing the release notes, Rick! Some notes

- title: Derby -> Apache Derby. Same in first line in overview.
- new features, bullet one: "privileges" and "permissions" are both
  used in the same sentence. Choose one form, I suggest privileges.
  Bullet five: "remote clients" -> Applications using the Derby network
  client driver
- unicode -> Unicode
- ascii -> ASCII

- bug fixes: should we include Test category bugs at all? I am not sure
  that is interesting to end users.
- issues:

  DERBY-4786: It is a big confusing that we speak of Derby 10.4 and
  higher, when one would expect to see 10.7. I guess this is because we
  have backported it... Note required?

  DERBY-4777: The wording implies that user could rely on particular SQL
  states from Derby. In general, I believed we make no such guarantees. If
  that is still the case, a caveat is in order, I think.
  E.g. ".... in Client mode, 'ERROR 42X30' should be expected."

  DERBY-4577: "Summary of change" is logically backwards: It states that
  the changes is that "An update statement will fail with..."  The real
  change is "On a new database, an UPDATE statement will no longer ever
  give "nospc.U". On an old database, after calling SYSCS_COMPRESS_TABLE
  on it, an UPDATE statement will no longer ever give "nospc.U"... The
  problem applies for section "Symptoms seen..".

  insures -> ensures


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