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From "Bergquist, Brett" <Br...@canoga.com>
Subject Question about an OutOfMemory PermGen that is happening
Date Tue, 30 Nov 2010 14:39:56 GMT
A system running Solaris 10 using Derby 10.5.3  and JDK 1.6.0_05 has had a OutOfMemory PermGen
reported in derby.log a couple of times of the past few months.  This system has been running
for over a year now with no problems but the last few months this has been reported and the
system needed to be restarted.  The only changes in the database access have been a substantial
increase in the number of database records that have been inserted, deleted, and queried upon.
 There have been no new derby classes (ie procedures or functions) loaded into the system.
  The system runs about 2 weeks of constant access that last time before this occurred again.

So any ideas why it would be getting a PermGen error?  

I know I can pass a parameter to increase the PermGen size (right now, it is using the JVM
default) but I was wondering what would trigger this.

Also, any recommendations on what this should be set to?



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