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From Knut Anders Hatlen <knut.hat...@oracle.com>
Subject Re: Revive or retire http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/PlatformTestsDerby?
Date Tue, 19 Oct 2010 08:41:01 GMT
Kristian Waagan <kristian.waagan@oracle.com> writes:

>  Hi,
> I stumbled across [1] when looking for something on the wiki.

There's also a link to it from the front page, in the "Nice to know..."

> It lists the various Java platforms Derby has been tested
> on. Unfortunately, it hasn't been updated since 2008-04-25.
> Is it useful enough to revive, or should we simply remove the page?
> If keeping, should we simplify it by specifying major.minor version only?

I can see the value of this page. If someone volunteers to update it,
that is. Simplifying the list of versions sounds fine, as that would
make both reading and maintaining the page easier. We usually don't
change the supported JDBC levels in maintenance releases, so we wouldn't
lose information that way. And if we ever do that, we could just add a
note about that specific version.

> Finally, I'm not sure if the "Tested Combinations" section gives much
> value. I can't read out for which releases the different combinations
> were tested. Would it be better to include links to the release
> platform testing pages instead, for instance [2]?

I agree. Keeping track of all tested combinations for all versions in a
single table will become messy. And it sounds unnecessary to duplicate
the information that's already available from the release platform
testing pages, so links would be fine.

Knut Anders

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