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> Hi All,
> While referring to DateTimeTest I found the following test case [1].
> I think we should allow up to nanoseconds, but I am wondering whether 
> it's not the ISO format. 
> Is it ok to change this test case?

Hi Nirmal,

I think this is an OK change. In SQL:2003, vol 2, section 5.3 <literal>,
under Conformance Rules, I found this note:

| 2) Without Feature F555, “Enhanced seconds precision”, in conforming
| SQL language, an <unsigned integer> that is a <seconds fraction> that
| is contained in a <timestamp literal> shall not contain more than 6
| <digit>s.

So it appears there is a standard feature called "Enhanced seconds
precision" that allows us to have more than six digits in the fraction
part of a timestamp literal. We haven't implemented it yet (see for
example, but I don't
see any reason why we shouldn't.


Knut Anders

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