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From yun lee <yun.lee...@gmail.com>
Subject [advice]Remove the outdated content about "frameworks subdirectory" in "getstartderby"
Date Tue, 08 Jun 2010 03:49:18 GMT
Hi, all. I think there is some outdated content about "frameworks
subdirectory" in "getstartderby"[1.] for the latest  release

In Page 12 in Chapter "Installing Derby", it says,
Extract the downloaded package. The extracted installation contains several

• The frameworks subdirectory contains older scripts for executing
utilities and setting
up the environment. These are provided in this release for backward
These scripts are deprecated in favor of the scripts in the bin
directory, and will be
removed in a future release.

However, for the newest release, after extracting the downloaded
package, there is not the frameworks subdirectory. It seems it has
been removed in some earlier release. Is this right? If so, maybe it's
better to remove it, and I would love to do this.

Wish for reply. Thanks!



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