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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: 10.5 backporting
Date Wed, 30 Jun 2010 18:14:17 GMT
On 6/27/2010 11:58 PM, Kristian Waagan wrote:
>> List of proposed backports:
> [ snip ]
[snip very useful input from  Dag and Kristian. Thank you!]

Here is the revised list. Changes are just  that I added DERBY-4679 and
removed DERBY-4477, DERBY-3646, DERBY-3645 because of DERBY-4477 dependency.
I think DERBY-3844 is good to keep because I think it is better just to 
have a reliable error on double lob retrieval rather than risk 
intermittent and difficult to trace issues.

I will put this on the Wiki in a more readable format. For people 
picking up issues to backport, I think the easiest process is just to 
reopen and temporarily assign yourself and then reassign to the original 
owner when you resolve the issue.

DERBY-4698  |[DERBY-4698] Simple query with HAVING clause crashes with
|Dag H. Wanvik

DERBY-4676  |[DERBY-4676] NullPointerException on SELECT on INNER
|Knut Anders Hatlen

DERBY-4621  |[DERBY-4621] Invalid conversion from Timestamp to String
when calling setTimestamp() with Calendar
|Knut Anders Hatlen

DERBY-4615  |[DERBY-4615] EmbedCallableStatement ignores Calendar in
getDate, getTime and getTimestamp
|Knut Anders Hatlen

DERBY-4610  |[DERBY-4610] Error attempting delete with cascade and
triggers                                                                  |Knut
Anders Hatlen

DERBY-4584  |[DERBY-4584] Unable to connect to network server if client
thread name has Japanese characters
|Tiago R. Espinha

DERBY-4582  |[DERBY-4582] Timestamps inserted with GMT calendar are 1
hour later when subsequently read with GMT calendar (Server Mode
Only).|Knut Anders Hatlen

DERBY-4574  |[DERBY-4574] derby.jar not a valid R4 OSGi
|Bryan Pendleton

DERBY-4479  |[DERBY-4479] after rename table a to b then create table a
statement execute cause null point exception
|Bryan Pendleton

DERBY-4477  |[DERBY-4477] Selecting / projecting a column whose value is
represented by a stream more than once fails                        |Dag
H. Wanvik
DERBY-4449  |[DERBY-4449] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when inserting
DEFAULT into unspecified column
|Knut Anders Hatlen

DERBY-4448  |[DERBY-4448] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when trying to
override generated column
|Dag H. Wanvik

DERBY-4442  |[DERBY-4442] Evaluation of default value and identity in an
INSERT result set evaluated too early.
|Knut Anders Hatlen

DERBY-4425  |[DERBY-4425] NullPointerException with INSERT INTO ... from
UNION and columns generated from expressions
|Bryan Pendleton

DERBY-4419  |[DERBY-4419] NullPointerException with INSERT INTO ... from
UNION and identity columns
|Bryan Pendleton

assertFailure (sane), or  NPE (insane) in presence of generated
columns          |Dag H. Wanvik

DERBY-4387  |[DERBY-4387] Infinite loop in
|Dag H. Wanvik

DERBY-4343  |[DERBY-4343] ASSERT FAILED calling setTransactionIsolation
checking isolation_ == level   on  pooled connection
|Lily Wei
DERBY-4244  |[DERBY-4244] ALTER TABLE Sanity ASSERT in add column with
autocommit off
|Eranda Sooriyabandara

DERBY-4191  |[DERBY-4191] Lack of SELECT privilege does not prevent
|Mamta A. Satoor

DERBY-3856  |[DERBY-3856] difference between Embedded vs DerbyNetClient
in format of return from timestamp(cast(? as varchar(32)))
|Knut Anders Hatlen

DERBY-3852  |[DERBY-3852] J2EEDataSourceTest may ignore some
|Knut Anders Hatlen

DERBY-3844  |[DERBY-3844] ASSERT failure in BasePage.unlatch() when
running LobStreamsTest
|Kristian Waagan

DERBY-3646  |[DERBY-3646] Embedded returns wrong results when selecting
a blob column twice and using getBinaryStream()

DERBY-3645  |[DERBY-3645] Insert into selecting BLOB column twice leads
to SQLException: Restore of a serializable or SQLData object of

DERBY-2992  |[DERBY-2992] getBinaryStream returns incorrect result
(truncated value) if underlying blob is
deleted                           |Kristian Waagan

DERBY-887   |[DERBY-887] Select statement returns wrong number of rows
if you compare an integer column with a boolean expression in the
whe&|Rick Hillegas

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