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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: 10.5 backporting
Date Mon, 28 Jun 2010 06:58:47 GMT
On 24.06.10 00:54, Kathey Marsden wrote:
> I was looking at the fixes that have gone into trunk and 10.6 and 
> seeing what looked good to backport to 10.5.  I came up with the 
> following list.   I did not look all that closely, but just picked 
> ones that looked like they might be likely user hits.  Please speak up 
> if you see any that would not be appropriate for backport or any that 
> the query may have missed. Sometimes the affects versions and fix 
> versions in Jira are not quite right so the query will miss something 
> useful.
> Thanks
> Kathey
> List of proposed backports:

[ snip ]

> DERBY-3844  |[DERBY-3844] ASSERT failure in BasePage.unlatch() when 
> running 
> LobStreamsTest                                                   
> |Kristian Waagan

I think this one can be backported. However:
  o there's a workaround
  o it requires a release note

> DERBY-3646  |[DERBY-3646] Embedded returns wrong results when 
> selecting a blob column twice and using 
> getBinaryStream()                      |Unassigned
> DERBY-3645  |[DERBY-3645] Insert into selecting BLOB column twice 
> leads to SQLException: Restore of a serializable or SQLData object of 
> clas&|Unassigned

The two issues above were fixed by DERBY-4477, which in turn depends on 
DERBY-4520. The latter issue doesn't easily backport.
(DERBY-3650 is also related, but depends on DERBY-4520 as well)

> DERBY-2992  |[DERBY-2992] getBinaryStream returns incorrect result 
> (truncated value) if underlying blob is 
> deleted                           |Kristian Waagan

This issue requires a manual merge due to other changes made in 
OverflowInputStream. The fix itself is small.


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