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From Rick Hillegas <rick.hille...@oracle.com>
Subject New keyword for flagging release generation JIRAs, was: Contents of the source bundle
Date Mon, 03 May 2010 19:59:38 GMT
Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Hi Kristian,
> Some comments inline...
> Kristian Waagan wrote:
>> Hi,
>> When testing the source bundle(s), I noticed:
>>  a) the contents .zip and the tar.gz are equal (a good thing)
> Hooray!
>>  b) we include the maven directory, but not the maven2 directory
>>     (see DERBY-4632, the Maven 1 files are suggested deleted)
>>     Should we include maven2 and exclude maven, or remove it
> Thanks for pointing this out. I have corrected the release-building 
> targets to include maven2 but not the original maven directory which 
> you are going to deprecate.
>>  c) we don't include any IDE files/projects. Is this intentional?
> Thanks to you and Knut for drawing my attention to DERBY-3857. I also 
> corrected the release building targets to pull in the ide subtree.
> I notice that DERBY-3857 was open for a long time even though the fix 
> was trivial. I don't think that the category "build tools" is specific 
> enough to get the attention of our release managers. Maybe we need to 
> flag these issues with a keyword to distinguish release-generation 
> issues from ordinary defects in our cumbersome build.
I have added a new tag, "releasegeneration" for flagging build issues 
which are related to release generation. I have gone through the "build 
tools" issues and tagged the ones which I thought deserved it.

>> I also tried building Derby on various system, and except for some 
>> build automagic issues and an ant issue, this worked fine using the 
>> source bundle.
> I don't feel that these defects warrant a re-spin by themselves. 
> However, I merged the release-building changes to the 10.6 branch in 
> case we need another candidate.
> Thanks,
> -Rick

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