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From Knut Anders Hatlen <Knut.Hat...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Failures and error in JUnit test
Date Tue, 06 Apr 2010 10:55:31 GMT
On 04/ 6/10 03:54 AM, Thiwanka Somasiri wrote:
> Hi,
>       I got an error and failure when JUnit test is done on command
> "java junit.textui.TestRunner
> org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.suites.All".
> What is the problem with this and how can I overcome this.Will it be a
> problem for me when testing Derby related things.
> These are the error and the failure I ave got:
> There was 1 error:
> 1)
> testReplication_Local_1_Indexing(org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.replicationTests.ReplicationRun_Local_1Indexing)java.sql.SQLException:
> DERBY SQL error: SQL
> CODE: -1, SQLSTATE: XJ041, SQLERRMC: Failed to create database
> 'C:\Users\HP\Desktop\GSOC\Code\Testing\suites.All\db_master\wombat',
> see the next exception for details.::SQ
> LSTATE: XBM0JDirectory
> C:\Users\HP\Desktop\GSOC\Code\Testing\suites.All\db_master\C:\Users\HP\Desktop\GSOC\Code\Testing\suites.All\db_master\wombat
> already exists.

Hi Thiwanka,

The replication tests sometimes fail in the nightly regression tests as
well, so unless you've made any changes in the replication area, I think
you can just ignore this failure when you're running the tests.

I haven't seen this particular failure before, though, so if it happens
again you may want to file a JIRA issue for it. It looks like this
failure happened because one of the previous tests failed to clean up
after itself, and left a database directory that prevented the next test
from creating the master db.

Knut Anders

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