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From Tiago Espinha <tiago.de...@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject Re: Fw: Juni Tests
Date Sat, 10 Apr 2010 16:26:55 GMT
Hello Nirmal,

I'm glad that you finally got it running. The how long tests take to run depends a lot on
the machine you're running them on and even on the operating system. There are a few tests
that if I recall correctly take ages on Windows but are much faster on *nix systems.

Since you're running them on Windows and with an average dual core computer, you're looking
at at least 3 or 4 hours for the whole suites.All.

Also be wary that if this:

java junit.testui.TestRunner org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.suites.All

is the way you're running your suites.All, your run will most certainly fail. There are some
tests in suites. All that require a great deal of memory and it's easy to exhaust the 128Mb(?)
limit imposed by default on each JVM.

Here's what I use:

java -Xms128m -Xmx1024m -XX:MaxPermSize=512m junit.textui.TestRunner org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.suites.All

I start with 128Mb of memory allocated, allow it to expand to 1Gb and that last argument I
believe has to do with the size of the heap, as it does run out for some of the tests as well.

Hope it helps,

From: Nirmal Fernando <nirmal070125@gmail.com>
To: derby-dev@db.apache.org
Sent: Sat, 10 April, 2010 17:17:33
Subject: Re: Fw: Juni Tests

Hi All,

I think I found the reason, it's just that I'm using Windows Vista not Unix. 

So in Windows my CLASSPATH variable's value should be following:


Note: In Windows you have to use %aa% instead of $aa and ";" instead of ":".

Now I'm running Suites.All !! :) Usually how long will take to last? 

Thanks for all of you for your replies !!!

Best Regards,

C.S.Nirmal J. Fernando
Department of Computer Science & Engineering,
Faculty of Engineering,
University of Moratuwa,
Sri Lanka.

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