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From Ян Программист <webautoma...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Google Summer of Code
Date Tue, 16 Mar 2010 15:26:26 GMT
> I would be willing to serve as a mentor for a GSoC intern who was working
> on this project.

So, you would like to be my mentor on this?

> If you are interested in pursuing this, I think the next step would be to
> develop the initial seed of an idea into a more fully-fleshed-out project
> proposal. For example:

Yeap, I am interested. Especially if end-users (read: developers) will
use object relational mapping, for example, if some entity
properties(class fields in ORM) will stand on JavaDB
data types and some fields would be from MySQL(Oracle? DB2?). In the
area where few databases used in parallel. Especially awesome for
Oracle MQ tables, which force message broker to send(recieve?) data
entries, updated/inserted using SQL; for data centric stuff. That was
a main idea

>  - do some research to try to locate existing compatibility test suites
>   that we could start with
Column types compatibility?
>  - identify likely areas of behavior difference where test suites could
>   expose interesting issues
I will think deeply to generate a reasonable list
>  - sketch out the mechanics of how we'd use these test suites to verify
>   Derby compatibility behaviors in an ongoing fashion (that is, how can
>   we automate the compatibility testing, how can we interpret the results,
> etc.)
I suppose you are about compatibility assertion-like test? Performance
test to count time issues of data conversions (e.g. one numeric type
to another, text to blob and vice versa, etc.)?
> The best place to record these ideas is in the JIRA issue itself; you should
> assign the issue to yourself to indicate that you are working on it.

1. A more detailed list please. Step by step. So I could get all in focus

2. I will figure out how to assign it to me


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