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From Sylvain Leroux <sylv...@chicoree.fr>
Subject Scripting Derby?
Date Sat, 13 Mar 2010 11:21:42 GMT

For quite some time, I think of adding some "advanced" scripting capabilities to 
ij, like variables and control structures (loops, conditional statements). Not 
for data processing, but to help writing maintenance scripts.

As part of DERBY-4566 (Make it possible to define variables in ij) I have done 
some experiments on this. And I think it is quite feasible.

But my question is "Do you feel it is a good idea?".

After all, ij is (was?) mostly a testing tool. And one might argue it is not its 
purpose to be used as a scripting engine. On the other hand, requiring an 
external tool or a Java development for any non-trivial maintenance task seems 
to me a little bit excessive. Beside this, there could be alternatives. For 
example, by using the Java scripting API, we might be able to plug some 
scripting support in Derby itself - with the additional benefit of supporting 
"well known" language. DERBY-4467 (Non Java Stored Routines Using Java Scripting 
API) was a step in that way.

As you see, there is both pros and cons. So, what do you think?

Thanks in advance,
- Sylvain


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