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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Apache Derby source code compilation probleme
Date Fri, 02 Oct 2009 14:11:25 GMT
bb00bbyy wrote:
> Hi Apache Derby Developers,
> I'm currently working on a project ending my software engineering studies.
> And I'm french so my english might not be perfect.
> So this is the probleme I've encountered during project building :
> I got the Apache Derby source code from SVN, latest release 10.5.3.
> And I follows every steps to build Derby (and configure Eclipse Ganymede
> version).
> When I run the build.xml in the root of the Apache Derby project, it writes
> me that BUILD is SUCCESSFULL but eventually, I do not have in my folder any
> JAR. And that's the matter 'cause I need to be able to modify the engine of
> Apache Derby and to use the resulting "derby.jar".
> Actually, I need to improve the Apache Derby project to make it use some
> kind of fuzzy queries.
> And I must directly modify the engine to do this. But I can't compile and
> get derby.jar.
> So I quickly  read the build.xml file (14000 lines, I can't read all of it),
> and I decide to run directly the target named "buildjars". It results in
> creating a folder named "jars" containing all the JAR available in the
> Apache_derby_bin.zip downloadable on the official web site. But when I make
> some changes in the code and I rebuild (always using "buildjars" target
> directly), it doesn't seem the derby.jar is different.
> So please can you help me with this ?


A shot in the dark to get you going:
ant clobber all buildjars

This will do the following;
 - clobber: will clean up any existing build artifacts (may not be 
needed all the time)
 - all: will compile the classes
 - buildjars: will generate the jar files (from the classes)

Depending on what you're going to use the JARs for, you may want to 
configure the build to create either sane or insane code (with or 
without debug code).
There should also be some information in 'BUILDING.html'.

If this doesn't help, feel free to ask the list again :)

> Thank you

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