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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Publishing the Derby documentation
Date Thu, 03 Sep 2009 10:05:47 GMT

I have now configured a Hudson job building the Derby documentation.
It looks for changes in the repository once a week (currently late every 
Wednesday, can be changed :) ), and if a change has been made it will 
build the complete set of manuals.

Further, the output from the last successful build is published with 
static URL's:

The tar contains the out directory, and the docs-out.md5 is simply the 
MD5 checksum of the tar.
Committers can choose to set up a cron job on their people.apache.org 
account. I will provide a sample shell script that should do something 
like this:
 - At fixed intervals, check for a new version of the docs (for instance 
every Wednesday).
   This is done by fetching the MD5 checksum from Hudson and comparing 
it with the checksum for the docs already published.
   I think we can simply save the checksum file in 
 - If the docs have changed, fetch the tar file from Hudson.
 - Unpack the archive
 - Do a few sanity checks.
 - Copy the contents of out/ to /www/.../apache/docs/dev/
   One must make sure write access is given to the db group here, and 
also that the permissions allow people to access the files over HTTP.

If people exercise a little care when deploying their cron jobs, this 
process should be pretty low impact, and you can have several committers 
ready to publish the docs.

Possible improvements:
 - Build only the manuals that have actually changed.
   This makes the build date agree with the date of the last change.
 - At least one more committer should apply for a Hudson login so that 
more people can kick off manual builds or fix problems in Hudson.
 - Define the sanity checks.
   Simple ones: check archive size, make sure PDFs exist.
 - Should the existing published files be deleted?
 - Use local rsync instead of normal copy?

I noticed some file permission problems, but I have asked infra to 
correct those.
If you have questions, comments or concerns, please share them!


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