Since we don't seem to have a fix for DERBY-4331 yet, I suggest we go ahead with the release and then perhaps we can make a right after we fix this? I'm not totally aware of the versioning rules for Derby so I don't know if this would be feasible. It just seems like the best approach in light of how far the release process is and considering the fact that you won't be around for a while.

It's just my $0.02


On Sun, Aug 2, 2009 at 5:59 PM, Kathey Marsden <> wrote:
Knut identified a wrong results regression in, DERBY-4331.  I normally would not want to make a release with a known wrong results regression, but am not quite sure what to do with  The vote closed and passed. The release has been posted to the website, but no announcement has been made.  Should we continue with the release or try to abort and make  another release candidate?  If  we do abort, I won't be able to be release manager as I am going out on vacation for a few weeks on August 15.

Another issue is that DERBY-3926 which introduced the regression was not listed in the release notes because it was still open.  One possible option is to add a release note to that issue now and manually update the release notes on the website (not in the distribution) to  include DERBY-3926 and warn about DERBY-4331.  Then start working on another 10.5 release to be released fairly soon (a couple months).