Hi Kristian,Rick,
This is a problem I faced in working the test conversion of the inbetween.sql. 
I the converted test I can see the code as,

rs = st.executeQuery("values (3, cast (null as int))");
        rsmd = rs.getMetaData();
        for (int i = 1; i <= rsmd.getColumnCount(); i++)
            pSt.setObject(i, rs.getObject(i));
        rs = pSt.executeQuery();
        expColNames = new String [] {"I", "C", "DE"};
        JDBC.assertColumnNames(rs, expColNames);
        expRS = new String [][]
            {"1", "one", null},
            {"3", "three", null},
            {"3", "trois", "21.2"}
        JDBC.assertFullResultSet(rs, expRS, true);

I think nothing to worry about the code,
for (int i = 1;i <= rsmd.getColumnCount(); i++) {
            pSt.setObject(i, rs.getObject(i));

>Is this a bug, or simply a feature we haven't implemented (yet)?
I actually don't know weather this is implemented or not. But I think this is still not implemented yet.