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From Hiranya Jayathilaka <hiranya...@gmail.com>
Subject Derby Test Framework and New dblook Test
Date Mon, 17 Aug 2009 05:37:10 GMT
Hi Folks,

I'm in the middle of writing the new tests for dblook. When going through
the existing dblook tests I realized that they are not junit tests. Some of
the test classes have main methods. So I was wondering how should I organize
the new tests. Should they be written as junit tests or should they be
similar to the existing tests?

Also is there any documentation on the design and architecture of the Derby
test framework? How do the test classes with main methods get invoked by the
framework (just curious ;))?

As for the actual content of my tests, it will create a database (reference
database) from a given DDL, generate the DDL for the new database using
dblook and create another database (shadow database) using the generated
DDL. Then the test analyzes the metadata associated with the shadow database
to ensure persistent objects such as tables, views, routines etc and the
related permissions are properly in place. I intend to further extend this
test later (may be in a separate patch),  to verify the inter dependencies
among the objects.


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