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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Stored Procedures & Functions
Date Thu, 20 Aug 2009 12:53:24 GMT
Shazin Sadakath wrote:
> Thanks, Rick it helped alot.
> I have some more question regarding Stored procedures and Functions. 
> Where can I find the DataTypes used in Stored Procedures and Functions?
Hi Shazin,

DataDictionaryImpl declares the datatypes of arguments and return types 
for the system functions and procedures. The Derby datatypes are 
declared in the calls to DataDictionaryImpl. 

These Derby datatypes map to Java datatypes in the actual static methods 
which are bound to the system routines. The Java datatypes are just the 
signatures of the corresponding static methods in SystemProcedures.
> And How can get I get the database schema UUID ??
I think you are asking about how to get the UUID of the SYSCS_UTIL 
schema. That is the constant value 
SchemaDescriptor.SYSCS_UTIL_SCHEMA_UUID. The UUIDs for the system 
schemas are filled in by DataDictionaryImpl.getBuiltinSystemSchemas().

Hope this helps,
> Thanks,
> Shazin
> On Wed, Aug 19, 2009 at 6:16 PM, Rick Hillegas 
> <Richard.Hillegas@sun.com <mailto:Richard.Hillegas@sun.com>> wrote:
>     Hi Shazin,
>     The code for the system procedures and functions lives in
>     org.apache.derby.catalog.SystemProcedures. These procedures and
>     functions are declared to the compiler by
>     org.apache.derby.impl.sql.catalog.DataDictionaryImpl. Just search
>     those two source files for the routine name you're interested in
>     and you should be able to make some headway.
>     Hope this helps,
>     -Rick
>     Shazin Sadakath wrote:
>         Hi All,
>         I would like to work on the Stored Procedures and Functions of
>         SYSCS_UTIL Schema.
>         Can anyone give me a pointer on where to look.
>         I am relative new to Derby
>         Thanks,
>         Shazin

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