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From Jim Crowell <JimCrow...@EMail.com>
Subject Re: Java Class in Derby Table column?
Date Tue, 12 May 2009 15:12:59 GMT


> The major alternative to single-column storage is to use one of the 
> object relational mapping frameworks like JPA. Apache has an 
> object-relational mapping framework called Open JPA: 
> http://openjpa.apache.org/ Many people on this list use Hibernate for 
> shredding objects into tuples. This approach has some advantages over 
> storing whole objects in columns:
> A) Incremental update. It can be significantly faster if you just need 
> to update a small piece of a large object graph.
> B) Portability. Generally these frameworks are agnostic about what the 
> underlying database is. That makes it easier to migrate your application 
> from Derby to, say, Oracle or DB2 later on.
> C) Extensibility. The more granular the data, the easier it is to write 
> new queries against it as your application evolves.
> D) Dependencies. The more granular the data, the easier it is to track 
> and maintain dependencies among your objects.

I read up some more on the JPA, Hibernate, etc. you suggested.
I now have a cursory understanding of each.

I have decided that saving my jFormTK package class instances into the Derby
Data Base is not the way to go. I will use Derby to hold just the parameters
required to feed my report generator process and continue to save the
remaining data on the client side HDD in flat files.

As mentioned before in this thread, I already have hooks into my package
that I think will enable me to write the data to the Derby Data Base as each
form field looses focus. I am writing a similar process in my Address Book
class so that each revised field is written to the Data Base immediately.

I think that using JPA, Hibernate, etc. to achieve persistence would be
overkill for my package.

Thanks again for all the help.

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