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From Dag.Wan...@Sun.COM (Dag H. Wanvik)
Subject Re: Issues with SQL Roles
Date Tue, 14 Apr 2009 17:01:16 GMT
Kathey Marsden <kmarsdenderby@sbcglobal.net> writes:

> Kim Haase wrote:
>> I can file (and fix) an issue for this if you think it makes sense.
> Thanks Kim for offering to jump on this.  Let's see what folks have to
> say about Tiago's comment on this first and determine whether a
> behavior change or a change in documentation is most appropriate.

I think it would be good to add a possibility to have a default role
set on connection (as an option), since this is allowed by the
standard in that is implementation defined. Feel free to add an
improvement issue to that effect, Tiago!

For now, I suggest we just clarify the docs as suggested; an example
is good, thanks Kim!


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