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From Tiago Espinha <ti...@espinhas.net>
Subject Re: Issues with SQL Roles
Date Sat, 11 Apr 2009 16:57:33 GMT
Hey everyone,

I have been throwing tests at the SQL Roles. At this point I get a
certain behavior and perhaps Rick or Dag can give me some insight on
whether this is the expected behavior or if it is a bug.

So, I'm not totally sure of how cursors work underneath, and I decided
to run a simple test:

1. Create the role testCursor with SELECT privileges on table t1
2. Grant the role testCursor to the userTest
3. With userTest get a cursor for t1
4. Without closing the cursor, revoke the SELECT privileges to userTest
5. Try to move the cursor forward

Here the cursor keeps going until it reaches the end of the table;
this is, revoking the privileges doesn't affect the cursor. Is this


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