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From yun lee <yun.lee...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Interested in GSOC
Date Sun, 22 Mar 2009 09:27:47 GMT

Thanks for your welcome and advices! They are useful!

2009/3/21 Kathey Marsden <kmarsdenderby@sbcglobal.net>:
> lee yun wrote:
>> Kathey Marsden:
>> Nice to write to you!  I'm a prospective GSOC student from China. I'm
>> to see Derby has been accepted as a mentor organization for this year's
>> GSOC, and you are the mentor for the subject "derby-testandfix ".
>> Congratulations!
> Thank you for your interest in GSoC and Derby!
>> After having travelled around the links about Derby provided on the wiki
>> page of SummerOfCode2009 on Apache, I would love to devote this summer on
>> Derby project.
>> I'm familiar with java and TDD which I insist on in my development, and I
>> still wonder:
>> 1. What's the main part of code about Derby in GSOC, the kernel engine or
>> the outside utils?
> You can choose an area of interest, but I recommend you start with one or
> two of the newcomer bugs so that you can get experience with setting up
> build and test environment, interacting with the community and submitting
> patches.

It's useful, I will adopt it to get involved.

> Have you studied database in school or have experience with databases?

As a post graduate on CS, I have studied database, and done some MIS
projects with sql server.  However, I haven't developed a project on a
database itself before, Derby will be the first one----- an exciting touch!

>> 2. Are there any other mentors? I have just seen only yourself in the
>> mentor list, may I know what's your favorite time period for this
> There are two other projects and mentors listed at
> http://wiki.apache.org/general/SummerOfCode2009#derby-project
> but I am the only mentor for the fixandtest project.   If you have done an
> in depth study of database in school, you might find the
> derby-optimizerFixes project interesting as well.

Yes, I have found the other two now,  The subject
'derby-sequence-generators' has been accepted by the last year's GSOCer
Suran Jayathilaka  as school project. The subject 'derby-optimizerFixes'
seems more challenging, and I also like it. It prompts, " The successful
applicant for this project should have already demonstrated familiar with
the Derby development process (for example, by contributing fixes to
existing Derby issues), and should present a proposal which substantiates
the applicants willingness and ability to work on an intricate piece of
software." As what you suggested, I will build the working framework and run
Derby on my computer first, then I will chose some simple issue to work on,
with these experiences I can make a proper choice.

> By time period, do you mean time of day?
> For that I am usually available M-F 9-5 PDT, sometimes earlier, sometimes
> later.   You can usually find me on the derby IRC channel
> irc://freenode/derby during that time.

As I live in Beijing, +700 UTC,  e-mail maybe will be our main interactive

> You should subscribe to the Derby mailing lists
> http://db.apache.org/derby/derby_mail.html
> and can ask technical questions there any time of day.

I have subscribe it!

>> 3. Which skills is needed in the task, Junit, java, and anything else?
> Java, junit, and some database study or experience would be good.
>> 0
>> 4. It's said, "Small projects and incremental check-ins mean your code
>> make an impact right away and you have a wide choice of code areas to
>> on." Does it mean I will get access control of  the VCS  for Derby?
> You will post patches to Jira and a committer will review them and commit
> your work to the repository.
>> 5. Besides java, should we use python in coding? Few months ago, I have
>> touched this language, and fallen in love with this language and would
>> to improve my skills on python in development.
> Sorry, no python opportunities that I can think of in Derby.
>> 6. What can I do before I apply? Any necessary  documents for my future
>> work?
> You should get involved in the community and show that you can build and
> test Derby and contribute.  See the following web page and wiki for
> information on getting started.
> http://db.apache.org/derby/derby_comm.html
> In your application call out specific issues you would like to work on and
> what work you have already done on Derby.    Please let me know your
> background with databases and I can recommend some issues. Also let me
> if you would like me to review your application.

I will submit my application for this GSOC after I finish some issues and
notify you right then. Thanks again for your help and encourage!

> Welcome !
> Kathey

Best regards


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