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From Bryan Pendleton <bpendle...@amberpoint.com>
Subject Re: About Derby
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 14:38:24 GMT
> If doing the Servicability improvements to the Derby Query Optimizer
> task what other knowledge do i need to improve? 

Welcome to Derby, and thanks for your interest in helping us work on it!

If you're intending to apply for the Google Summer of Code, please be
aware that the Google deadline is April 3rd.

To become more familiar with Derby, and to better prepare yourself to
make a strong application, some of the things you could do include:
- Fetch the Derby code into your environment, and learn how to build
   the code and run the tests. You should be able to get a 100% test
   pass rate on the Derby test suite.
- Find a Derby issue that you think you could fix, and prepare a patch
   and propose it to the community. You could look at the issues which
   are labelled with the "newcomer" category for good suggestions.

Specifically with respect to the GSoC Optimizer project, you should consider:
- Carefully studying the issues referenced in the project announcement
- Reading the Derby Optimizer information in the manuals, on the Derby
   wiki, and in the Derby 'papers' section.
- Learning how to use the Derby 'query plan' functionality, to examine
   the results of different queries and how Derby constructs query plans
   for those queries.
- Formulating some specific ideas about how you could help improve
   the servicability of the Derby Optimizer, and including those ideas
   in your project proposal.

Thanks, and good luck!


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