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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Interested in GSOC
Date Mon, 23 Mar 2009 13:31:20 GMT
Kiran Sarvam wrote:
> Hi  there,
> I'm Kiran Sarvabhotla , an MS student from International Institute of 
> Information Technology Hyderabad, India.
> I'm glad to hear that Apache Derby has been accepted as a mentor 
> organization for this year's GSOC.
> Kathey Marsden:
> I heard about Gsoc from one of my old batch-mates ( Mr Ravinder Reddy 
> ,participated in Gsoc-07)  whose project  titled as "Implementing 
> Speculative locking protocol for Apache derby" I am going to continue 
> this year.
> He advised me to take part in Gsoc as it will give me a great 
> opportunity to work with a large fraction of the derby code and 
> interact with large community.
The speculative locking protocol issue is filed as:
I don't see any code  or specifications submitted for it yet, so I guess 
you'd be starting from scratch which is not such a bad thing.    The 
most important thing to do before you get started is that if you are 
building on any work done by Ravinder or others,  including 
specifications, code, etc,  and you plan to contribute that work to 
Derby, the originators of that work (not you) need to attach that work 
to the issue and grant license to Apache and perhaps sign an ICLA, 
depending on the scope of the work, in order for you to pick up where 
they left off.

This project is not currently listed on the GSoC page , 
so a mentor would need to step forward to mentor the project. I don't 
really know this area well enough to mentor and am already committed to 

Regardless of whether this becomes a GSoC project, I am sure you will 
find the community to be supportive and will answer your questions as 
you proceed with your project.

> I have a decent amount of experience working with databases and  
> testing with junit.
> any advice before I jump on to the task.?
The first thing to do is to get your build and test environment set up 
and maybe pick up one of the newcomer issues in Jira, just to gain an 
understanding of the process.



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