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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Interested in GSOC
Date Sat, 21 Mar 2009 15:37:49 GMT
lee yun wrote:
> Kathey Marsden:
> Nice to write to you!  I'm a prospective GSOC student from China. I'm 
> glad to see Derby has been accepted as a mentor organization for this 
> year's GSOC, and you are the mentor for the subject "derby-testandfix 
> ". Congratulations!
Thank you for your interest in GSoC and Derby!
> After having travelled around the links about Derby provided on the 
> wiki page of SummerOfCode2009 on Apache, I would love to devote this 
> summer on Derby project.
> I'm familiar with java and TDD which I insist on in my development, 
> and I still wonder:
> 1. What's the main part of code about Derby in GSOC, the kernel engine 
> or the outside utils?
You can choose an area of interest, but I recommend you start with one 
or two of the newcomer bugs so that you can get experience with setting 
up your build and test environment, interacting with the community and 
submitting patches.

Have you studied database in school or have experience with databases? 

> 2. Are there any other mentors? I have just seen only yourself in the 
> mentor list, may I know what's your favorite time period for this program.
There are two other projects and mentors listed at 
but I am the only mentor for the fixandtest project.   If you have done 
an in depth study of database in school, you might find the 
derby-optimizerFixes project interesting as well.

 By time period, do you mean time of day?
For that I am usually available M-F 9-5 PDT, sometimes earlier, 
sometimes later.   You can usually find me on the derby IRC channel 
irc://freenode/derby during that time.

You should subscribe to the Derby mailing lists
 and can ask technical questions there any time of day.

> 3. Which skills is needed in the task, Junit, java, and anything else?

Java, junit, and some database study or experience would be good.

> 0
> 4. It's said, "Small projects and incremental check-ins mean your code 
> can make an impact right away and you have a wide choice of code areas 
> to focus on." Does it mean I will get access control of  the VCS  for 
> Derby?
You will post patches to Jira and a committer will review them and 
commit your work to the repository.
> 5. Besides java, should we use python in coding? Few months ago, I 
> have touched this language, and fallen in love with this language and 
> would like to improve my skills on python in development.
Sorry, no python opportunities that I can think of in Derby.
> 6. What can I do before I apply? Any necessary  documents for my 
> future work?
You should get involved in the community and show that you can build and 
test Derby and contribute.  See the following web page and wiki for 
information on getting started.

In your application call out specific issues you would like to work on 
and what work you have already done on Derby.    Please let me know your 
background with databases and I can recommend some issues. Also let me 
know if you would like me to review your application.

Welcome !


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