Hello all.  I sent this message to the derby-users list recently, but no one there had any ideas.  So I thought that I would post this question here.  I hope that I’m not violating the etiquette with this kind of ‘cross-posting’.  At any rate, on to my question:


Does anyone know of any way to recover all or parts of a database that has been corrupted by the bug known as DERBY-3347?  (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/DERBY-3347)


The Derby release announcement states: “In some cases one may recover data from the existing database, depending on the extent of the corruption, but will require by hand data recovery.” and that “one should consult the Derby list if attempting this recovery.”  But I could find no details anywhere on how to even begin such a recovery.


There are many tables in this corrupted database of mine, but if I could recover even a few tables (or even get a row count on those tables) that would be very helpful to me.


Any info on this issue would be much appreciated.