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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject CLOB performance
Date Wed, 04 Feb 2009 14:13:01 GMT

A great deal of work has been going on for LOBs (large objects; BLOB and 
CLOB) since 10.3. I'll try to summarize some of it.

First of all, the situation changed radically between 10.2 and 10.3. 
This was when Derby started using locators for LOBs. In short, it means 
that instead of transferring the LOB to the client, the LOB is handled 
on the server and the client sends commands to the server. If the client 
requests data (a part of or the whole content), the data is transferred 
from the server to the client.

Below are some averaged (15 runs) results from ClobAccessTest, all run 
with the embedded driver;
Test name                            740513
// The numbers denote throughput (16 clients, selecting small Clobs).
testConcurrency                              ~20000        n/a    ~30000
// Numbers are durations of the tests, in milliseconds.
testFetchLargeClobOneByOneChar                 8159       7437      4521
testFetchLargeClobOneByOneCharBaseline         3771       3562      3825
testFetchLargeClobOneByOneCharModified         8877       8477      6186
testFetchLargeClobPieceByPiece               673707     624639      3370
testFetchLargeClobPieceByPieceBackwards     1138559    1059045      2863
testFetchLargeClobPieceByPieceModified       504400     454054      4520
testFetchLargeClobWithStream                   3162       2900      3181
testFetchLargeClobs                           37521      35350     37424
testFetchLargeClobsModified                   60289      56441     59283
testFetchSmallClobs                           21617       5364      6121
testFetchSmallClobsInaccurateLength           20810       4412      4466
testLargeClobGetLength                        49944      62602        46
testModifySmallClobs                          32218      16077     16286

The numbers are durations (in milliseconds) of the test methods. The 
source data is 15000 small Clobs consisting of 1 to 5 characters, and 10 
large Clobs each with 15M characters. Since the source data is the 
modern latin alphabet, this equals 15 MB. The execution is single 
threaded, with the exception of the concurrency test. To fully 
understand the number, you have to look at the tests and how the test 
framework is reporting the duration.

I think the test framework has some flaws in the way it is running the 
tests, i.e. they are always being run in the same order. The fact that 
there are so many permutations to try (cache size, large Clobs, small 
Clobs, modified vs non-modified, encrypted vs non-encrypted, embedded vs 
client, method arguments, number of access methods, data value; 1, 2, or 
3 bytes per character, etc) complicates the picture. Also, Derby and/or 
Java themselves contribute with some instability in the results.

As you can see, the performance of most operations tested has been 
improved, some of the significantly. The most interesting result is the 
one for 'testFetchLargeClobPieceByPiece', because it represents the code 
path taken when a Clob is accessed through the client driver. On the 
other hand, the performance boost is a lot smaller for smaller Clobs. We 
have had some reports, where users have reported problems with larger 
Clobs ( > 5 MB).

I'm not sure if the increased times for trunk versus 10.4 is significant 
or not. It is not unreasonable that the following capabilities have 
added a little to the overhead;
  o the repositioning functionality of UTF8Reader, which in turn is based
    on PositionedStoreStream.
  o the fact that streams are able to detect that the underlying data has
  o the introduction of two header formats (for small Clobs, 3 bytes
    extra per Clob and required check)

Do you think the numbers look acceptable?
Is there anything we should investigate further?
Are there any specific performance problems that are still unresolved?

When it comes to Blobs, operations should be faster than for Clobs 
because Derby doesn't have to decode the data (modified UTF-8).

I haven't looked much at the client driver, but I know there are 
performance issues to be solved there. A part of them are related to 
having to send a message in a separate round-trip to the server to get 
something done, for instance closing a LOB that hasn't been accessed by 
the user. Some code paths also do argument checking where the length is 
required, and since it isn't available on the client we have to ask the 
server. Options here are to let the operation fail on the server, or 
somehow transfer the length to the client up front.
Also, I don't know if the transfer mechanism is perfect, as it requires 
the execution of a callable statement for each chunk of data to transfer 
(max chunk size is around 32 KB). Implementing something new here may be 
time consuming.

Below I'm listing some of the issues that have been worked on (I don't 
think the list is complete).


DERBY-2822 Add caching of store stream length in StoreStreamClob, if 
DERBY-3571 LOB locators are not released if the LOB columns are not 
accessed by the client
DERBY-3658 LOBStateTracker should not use SYSIBM.CLOBRELEASELOCATOR when 
the database is soft-upgraded from 10.2
DERBY-3766 EmbedBlob.setPosition is highly ineffective for streams
DERBY-3768 Make EmbedBlob.length use skip instead of read
DERBY-3769 Make LOBStoredProcedure on the server side smarter about the 
read buffer size
DERBY-3791 Excessive memory usage when fetching small Clobs
DERBY-3793 Remove unnecessary methods from InternalClob interface
DERBY-3799 NullPointerException when accessing a clob through a pooled 
DERBY-3818 client Insert/retrieval of 18MB Clob is extremely slow in 
DERBY-3825 StoreStreamClob.getReader(charPos) performs poorly
DERBY-3871 EmbedBlob.setBytes returns incorrect insertion count
DERBY-3889 LOBStreamControl.truncate() doesn't delete temporary files
DERBY-3907 Save useful length information for Clobs in store
DERBY-3934 Improve performance of reading modified Clobs
DERBY-3935 Introduce interface for a position aware stream
DERBY-3936 Add CharacterStreamDescriptor
DERBY-3970 PositionedStoreStream doesn't initialize itself properly
DERBY-3977 Clob.truncate with a value greater than the Clob length 
raises different exceptions in embedded and client driver
DERBY-3978 Clob.truncate(long) in the client driver doesn't update the 
cached Clob length

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