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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Newcomer issues - a way to get started with Derby development
Date Mon, 15 Dec 2008 13:14:24 GMT

Below is a list of open issues listed as newcomer issues in Jira.
These might be a good starting point for anyone wanting to explore a 
small piece of Derby.

It would be great if committers and other more seasoned contributers pay 
a little extra attention when newcomer issues are taken, with the aim to 
  give newcomers a warm welcome by providing guidance and feedback.
Also, feel free to comment on any of the issues if you think they're not 
suited as newcomer issues.

Note that a newcomer might need help with issues besides the problem 
reported in Jira, for instance compiling Derby and running the 
regression tests. The Derby community has made great progress on 
simplifying the build, but there are still some murky waters.
Compiling older versions of Derby to verify a fix is one example.

DERBY-3991  Clob.truncate(0) throws exception
DERBY-3990  ResultSetStreamTest fails on case sensitive file systems, 
and isn't run as part of any suite
DERBY-3981  Improve distribution of hash codes in SQLBinary and SQLChar
DERBY-3941  Unsafe use of DataInput.skipBytes() in StoredPage and 
DERBY-3913  mismatch between error XCL30 and 22003.S.4 and parameters in 
DERBY-3853  Behaviour of setTypeMap() differs between embedded and client
DERBY-3809  Add a SHOW FUNCTONS command to ij
DERBY-3656  ERROR XJ073: The data in this BLOB or CLOB is no longer 
available. should include the possibility that the lob has been freed
DERBY-2769  Implement error handling/parameter checking in Clob.setString
DERBY-2446  Remove notion of the old test harness from TestConfiguration
DERBY-2024  Remove JUnit utility method JDBC.vmSupportsJDBC2
DERBY-1963  Routine parameter names displayed by dblook are not escaped.


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