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From "Matt Kendall" <matt_kend...@iname.com>
Subject Re: Share read-only rows across multiple databases
Date Fri, 07 Nov 2008 18:27:44 GMT
> I don't understand the complexity of the INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE piece. Why
> does the application need to issue INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE against the view
> rather than directly against the user-specific table?

Because nothing's ever easy :). Long story short, we're currently
developing an automatic installer for our main product that requires
this database split. Our main product is large and complex with
multiple points that would have to be altered to support the split
model. Worse, since our product is essentially a programming language,
there is user-level code that touches the database directly.  We
simply cannot predict all of the touch points that our users may have

Our early work on the automated installer attempted to update the
database layer and pretty much everything in the product broke. At the
time, our only requirement was to support Oracle, and its updatable
views solved the problem nicely so that's the solution we went with.
There is potentially a new requirement to support Derby as well, so
I'm evaluating the options.

Thanks for the suggestions!


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