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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject summary of derby-related conversation at yesterday's bay area lunch
Date Thu, 13 Nov 2008 19:55:58 GMT
Yesterday several Bay Area Derby folks had lunch together: Bryan 
Pendleton, David Vancouvering, Kathey Marsden, Myrna van Lunteren, and 
myself. I wanted to bring the Derby-related conversation back to the 

1) We talked about our growing bug backlog. It seemed to us that the 
bulk of the bugs were recorded by Derby developers--issues which we have 
stumbled on ourselves. On the bright side, it seemed to us that the 
community was doing a decent job of fixing production problems reported 
from real-life usage. We did note that some very hard bugs have 
languished several years.

2) We talked about the next feature release (10.5), carefully skirting 
the issue of who would manage it. The first quarter of next year looked 
like an attractive time to produce a new feature release.

3) We thought it would be useful to compile a multi-year feature roadmap.

4) We talked about how we could improve next year's Google Summer of 
Code. Last year's process of selecting students ended up excluding some 
strong candidates. We thought that we might be able to improve next 
year's process if we started agitating early. Here were some thoughts 
for generating more interesting projects next year:

a) Compile bug collections, each of which focuses on a narrow part of  
the system, allowing candidates to develop a sense of real mastery  over 
a part of the code. For extra credit, each collection could be  
organized from easy to hard bugs in order to make the learning curve 

b) Write up specs for interesting features and then provide a workplan  
showing a candidate how to chunk the features into bite-sized  pieces.


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