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From "Erlend Birkenes" <erl...@birkenes.net>
Subject A few useful bash scripts
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2008 00:32:56 GMT

I got tired of having to manually add any new files to svn after I apply a
patch so I wrote a little bash-script that does it automatically.
After I had done that I figured it would be nice to also do the opposite, so
I wrote one that deletes all unversioned files, and then
one that reverts and then deletes all unversioned files so it completely
removes the patch and you're left with a clean, pristine copy.

I'm not very good at this so it's not very fancy, but it works quite well
and maybe someone else will find it useful.

How to use:

Save the files somewhere on your path and make them executable

svnpatch <patch>
Must be run from the root-directory of the patch.
Will apply the patch with -p0 -i <patch>, and then add any new files to svn.

>From the root of the client, or
svnclean <directory>
from anywhere else

This will run 'svn stat' and delete any unversioned files. (Except the files
.project and .classpath and the folder .externalToolBuilders which is used
by Eclipse)

svnrevert .
>From the root of the client (note the dot at the end), or
svnrevert <directory>
from anywhere else

Will run revert -R and then run svnclean to remove any unversioned files
left behind.

Just make sure you don't have any unversioned files that you don't want to

I have used it a few times now and it works for me, and hopefully it will
for everyone.

I hope it's useful! Feel free to improve!


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