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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject bug fixes in 10.4.2
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 19:04:45 GMT
Thanks to Kathey and Kristian for beginning the discussion of what bug 
fixes should appear in 10.4.2.  Not trusting the information in JIRA, I 
have hand compared the subversion logs for mainline and 10.4 code. A lot 
of improvements to the tests have gone into the trunk but have not been 
ported to 10.4. I am not going to recommend that we port all of those 
test fixes. Here is a short list of fixes which I think it would be 
reasonable to port from the trunk to 10.4:

DERBY-3791: Excessive memory usage when fetching small Clobs.
DERBY-3766: (partial): EmbedBlob.setPosition is highly ineffective for 
DERBY-3705: In Net Client mode, negative values for stream length are 
accepted without an exception for PreparedStatement.setAsciiStream().
DERBY-3682: SYSCS_BULK_INSERT doesn't quote identifiers or strings properly
DERBY-3431: DatabaseMetaData.getConnection returns the wrong connection 
when using connection pooling.
DERBY-48:     A connection request that has a default schema that is 
being created by another transaction will fail to connect

Here is the impressive list of fixes which have already been ported from 
the trunk to the 10.4 branch. Thanks to everyone who has contributed so far:

DERBY-3804: Check in localizations for messages added in 10.4.
DERBY-3803: fix 
failures after checkin for DERBY-3745
DERBY-3799: NullPointerException when accessing a clob through a pooled 
DERBY-3783: LOBStreamControl shouldn't throw SQLException.
DERBY-3781: PositionedStoreStream.reposition(pos) with pos greater than 
length leaves the stream object in an inconsistent state.
DERBY-3777: SecureServerTest, SSLTest  failed on Zos with exit code 143 
starting network server
DERBY-3776: testGetBytes under BlobClob4BlobTest failed on Zos with 
encoding issue
DERBY-3775:  BlobStoredProcedureTest failed on Zos
DERBY-3773: ImportExportLobTest failed on Zos Clobs differ at index 1 
expected:<99> but was:<196>
DERBY-3771: testClasspathChecker under SysinfoCPCheckTest failed on Zos
DERBY-3768: Make EmbedBlob.length use skip instead of read.
DERBY-3764: Union Query fail on Derby
DERBY-3745: Derby can leak classloaders in an app server environment
DERBY-3736: Revoking a column level privilege from a user, a prepared 
statement relying on that privilege can still be executed
DERBY-3735: Incorrect position calculation in PositionedStoreStream with 
DERBY-3734: Changing the undocumented property 
derby.storage.fileCacheSize to allow any maximum setting.
DERBY-3732: SQL Length function materializes BLOB into memory
DERBY-3731: Improve calculation of refSize in ClassSize.java
DERBY-3730: Adding a Bundle-SymbolicName entry to the manifest to 
conform to the OSGI release 4 standard.
DERBY-3726: Don't call RAFContainer.padFile() from instances of 
DERBY-3725: Added a page dump to a serious page corrupted error.
DERBY-3723: Reset current schema to default (user name) when creating a 
new logical connection in the client driver.
DERBY-3718: Trigger NPE.
DERBY-3709: Don't hide out-of-order errors in replication tests.
DERBY-3708: setting tracedirectory from the command line does not work
DERBY-3704: If an IOException is encountered during establishment of the 
connection, Network Server should print the root exception to the 
console instead of a generic message
DERBY-3701: java.lang.Exception: DRDA_UnableToAccept.S:Unable to accept 
connections and client hang if tracing is turned on but traceDirectory 
does not exist
DERBY-3695: NullPointerException when invoking statement event listeners 
if one of the listeners is null
DERBY-3690: EmbedPooledConnection doesn't reset schema when creating a 
new logical connection.
DERBY-3658: Made LOBStateTracker work with soft upgraded databases that 
don't support locators.
DERBY-3649: can't call a stored function with an aggregate argument 
without getting the following error: ERROR 42Y29
DERBY-3632: Increase startup timeout when testing master and slave 
replication servers.
DERBY-3602: If derbytesting.jar is in a different directory than the 
derby jars SystemPrivilegesPermissionTest fails with 
DERBY-3596: Creation of logical connections from a pooled connection 
causes resource leak on the server.
DERBY-3595: Make stack checking smarter in TableFunctionTest.
DERBY-3581: Changing certain properties on client DataSource objects 
causes existing connections to reflect the new values.
DERBY-3546: Failed to get database schemas of a JAR database
DERBY-3446: Make ResultSet.getStatement return the correct statement 
when created by a logical statement.
DERBY-3401: Removing a ConnectionEventListener from a PooledConnection 
during its connectionClosed() callback causes other 
ConnectionEventListener callbacks to be missed
DERBY-3338: This patch reworks the code which disassociates a 
StatementContext from the timer.
DERBY-3327 / DERBY-3690: Made GLCC cache the initial default schema 
DERBY-3313: JDBC client driver statement cache.
DERBY-3307: NPE in PooledConnction event notification handling if a null 
listener is added

Finally, here are the fixes which have not been ported from the trunk to 
10.4. If you feel that it's important to port some of these to 10.4, you 
still have 3 weeks to do that.

DERBY-3800: Convert derbynet/maxthreads to JUnit
DERBY-3791: Excessive memory usage when fetching small Clobs.
DERBY-3807: removing traces of no-longer existing unicode escape 
DERBY-3796: convert derbynet/OutBufferStream to Junit test 
DERBY-3793: Remove unnecessary methods from InternalClob interface.
DERBY-3784: ImportExportTest doesn't detect lack of expected errors
DERBY-3780: fix some encoding problems in tests.
DERBY-3774:  jdbc4/ClobTest fails on Zos with AssertionFailedError: 
Streams differ at index 0 expected:<200> but was:<72>
DERBY-3769: Make LOBStoredProcedure on the server side smarter about the 
read buffer size.
DERBY-3766: (partial): EmbedBlob.setPosition is highly ineffective for 
DERBY-3763: Rename BaseJDBCTestCase.usingDerbyNet.
DERBY-3762: Convert 
"org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.lang.arithmetic.sql" to junit.
DERBY-3760: Convert 
"org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.lang.miscerrors.sql" to junit.
DERBY-3759: Convert 
to junit.
DERBY-3755: ij's help text lacks the optional [HOLD | NOHOLD] syntax for 
DERBY-3754: Convert 
"org.apache.derbyTesting.functionTests.tests.lang.connect.sql" to junit
DERBY-3751: Convert case.sql to junit.
DERBY-3750: Convert 
Expression.sql" to junit
DERBY-3743: Revoking EXECUTE privilege on a function if used in a CHECK 
constraint: implementation problem
DERBY-3742: Move test code from CompressedNumber to a unit test
DERBY-3741: SQL LENGTH function materializes CLOB into memory
DERBY-3739: Skip and read methods in ArrayInputStream may overflow
DERBY-3724: convert big.sql to JUnit
DERBY-3722: Add circularity check for the GRANT role statement
DERBY-3715: java/testing/README.htm refers to a non-existing test
DERBY-3711: minor fixture name change in EncryptionSuite.java
DERBY-3706: NetworkServer console messages should print a time stamp
DERBY-3705: In Net Client mode, negative values for stream length are 
accepted without an exception for PreparedStatement.setAsciiStream().
DERBY-3703: Add stub implementation of JSR169 so that the J2ME client 
will be built by default.
DERBY-3702: Remove the xml-apis.jar file, since we no longer need to 
build on jdk1.3.
DERBY-3700: Removed empty.jar from the repository and let build.xml 
create an empty directory to be used instead.
DERBY-3696: Delete superfluous test lang/longStringColumn.java.
DERBY-3686: (partial) convert predicatePushdown.sql to JUnit
DERBY-3685: weme 6.1 Base connection pooling 
suitejunit.framework.AssertionFailedError: java.lang.NullPointerException.
DERBY-3684: Wire the vti demo code into the standard build just as other 
demo code is wired in.
DERBY-3682: SYSCS_BULK_INSERT doesn't quote identifiers or strings properly
DERBY-3681: When authenticating a user at connect time, verify that the 
user provided is not also a defined role name.
DERBY-3678: StackOverflowException in deadlock trace
DERBY-3674: Follow-on to refactoring in DERBY-1062.
DERBY-3673: Add checks that a new role isn't already a user authorization id
DERBY-3667: SQL roles: Make CURRENT_ROLE check that the role is still valid
DERBY-3666: Make role descriptor a dependency Provider
DERBY-3663: Convert store/streamingColumn to JUnit
DERBY-3661: Typo yields redundant test case in GrantRevokeTest
DERBY-3659: convert xaJNDI to junit test XAJNDITest.
DERBY-3652: Allow mixing of primitive and wrapper types when matching 
SQL routine signatures to java methods.
DERBY-3650: Multiple references to same LOB. Work still in-flight.
DERBY-3623: Convert deadlockMode.java to JUnit
DERBY-3619: Implement more load types for 
DERBY-3618: Perform thread dump with ASSERTS with jdk 1.5 or higher
DERBY-3587: Convert jdbcapi/testRelative.java to JUnit
DERBY-3531: Commit Martin's patch which rewrites string splitting code 
to use only apis which are present on Java ME platforms.
DERBY-3431: DatabaseMetaData.getConnection returns the wrong connection 
when using connection pooling.
DERBY-3360: Invalid method java.lang.Integer >> void <init>(short) 
because java.lang.NoSuchMethodException: java.lang.Integer.<init>(short)
DERBY-3333: User name corresponding to authentication identifier PUBLIC 
must be rejected
DERBY-3319: Logical connections do not check if a transaction is active 
on close
DERBY-3223: SQL roles: make use of privileges granted to roles in actual 
privilege checking
DERBY-3219: GROUP BY query fails with ERROR XSDA7
DERBY-3151: Reduce dependency on NetworkServerControl in TestConfiguration.
DERBY-3137: SQL roles: add catalog support
DERBY-3097: Remove unnecessary if stmt from BaseActivation.getColumnFromRow
DERBY-2861: Thread safety issue in TableDescriptor
DERBY-2747: Reply incorrectly handles read() returning -1
DERBY-2644: reactivating the encryption tests; DERBY-2644 should be fixed
DERBY-2514:Added a test case testDMDconnClosed() to 
DERBY-2457: Use of column aliases could simplify queries
DERBY-2333: Convert parameterMapping to JUnit.
DERBY-2164: (partial) Fixed NullPointerException when loading storeless 
DERBY-2085: Misleading error message for non-matching ORDER BY clause
DERBY-2031: Convert derbynet/testProtocol.java to JUnit.
DERBY-1944: jdbcapi/ParameterMappingTest.java test does not execute test 
for setObject(Blob/Clob) in DerbyNetClient.
DERBY-1764: (partial)  Rewrite stress.multi as a JUnit test
DERBY-1062: Refactoring SYSCS_INPLACE_COMPRESS_TABLE implementation
DERBY-1001: removing no longer needed master encryptionKey.out
DERBY-961:   Error 22001 can include 'XX-RESOLVE-XX' which should be removed
DERBY-269:   Manually update the statistics of all or just one index on 
a table
DERBY-48:     A connection request that has a default schema that is 
being created by another transaction will fail to connect


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