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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: FYI: Bugs fixed in 10.4 but not in 10.3
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 14:28:41 GMT

At least some of those with my name on them are not necessarily easy to 
backport. Even if the merge itself is clean, I think some of them depend 
on other fixes.

As an example, I do remember DERBY-3690 depending on some changes Dag 
did for DERBY-3327 and DERBY-1331. I'm not saying a merge is impossible, 
it would just take some time to analyze and make sure nothing breaks. A 
complicating factor is that we (hopefully) have more tests for trunk 
than for 10.3. I do not know if the trunk tests are easily run against 10.3.

Since there is no current plan to release another 10.3 version, I'm 
leaning towards not spending time on backporting potential risky changes 
to the 10.3 branch.


Kathey Marsden wrote:
> I see the following bug fixes in 10.4 that have not been backported to 
> 10.3.  I think the ones marked with an * make sense to backport to 
> 10.3.  Please let me know if there are fixes that you think should or 
> should not be backported.
> *DERBY-3690  |[DERBY-3690] EmbedPooledConnection doesn't reset schema 
> when creating a new logical connection |Kristian Waagan
> *DERBY-3596  |[DERBY-3596] Creation of logical connections from a pooled 
> connection causes resource leak on the server | Kristian Waagan
> *DERBY-3593  |[DERBY-3593] ErrorCode 30000 when quering a select with 
> 'having' clause and named tables with aliases for selected fields       
> |Unassigned
> *DERBY-3589  |[DERBY-3589] AllocPage.createPage() doesn't initialize 
> minimumRecordSize correctly  |Knut Anders Hatlen
> *DERBY-3581  |[DERBY-3581] Changing certain properties on client 
> DataSource objects causes existing connections to reflect the new 
> values     |Kristian Waagan
> DERBY-3574  |[DERBY-3574] With client, attempting to get the lob length 
> after commit  or connection close if there  wasa call to length() before 
> commit does not throw an exception|Tiago R. Espinha
> DERBY-3469  |[DERBY-3469] Clob.length() doesn't detect a closed 
> underlying connection in a consistent way |Tiago R. Espinha
> *DERBY-3430  |[DERBY-3430] Inconsistency in JDBC autogen APIs between 
> Connection.prepareStatement(...) and Statement.execute(...)             
> |Kathey Marsden
> DERBY-3366  |[DERBY-3366] Various formatting erros in L10N property 
> files   |Dyre Tjeldvoll
> DERBY-3352  |[DERBY-3352] truncateTable crashed, Caused by: 
> java.lang.NullPointerException  |Dyre Tjeldvoll
> *DERBY-3350  |[DERBY-3350] SQL CAST always marks its type as nullable 
> even if the expression to be cast is not nullable   |Daniel John Debrunner
> *DERBY-3307  |[DERBY-3307] NPE in PooledConnction event notification 
> handling if a null listener is added |Knut Anders Hatlen
> *DERBY-3299  |[DERBY-3299] Uniqueness violation error (23505) occurs 
> after dropping a PK constraint if there exists a for eign key on the 
> same&|A B
> *DERBY-3226  |[DERBY-3226] BlobLocatorInputStream.read() and 
> ClobLocatorInputStream.read() don't mask out sign bits      |Knut Anders 
> Hatlen
> *DERBY-3198  |[DERBY-3198] Using setQueryTimeout will leak sections 
> |Dyre Tjeldvoll
> DERBY-3160  |[DERBY-3160] SYSCS_GET_USER_ACCESS incorrectly treats the 
> passed in user name as a SQL identifier and thus can reports the 
> wron&|Daniel John Debrunner
> DERBY-3079  |[DERBY-3079] Database name is printed twice in derby.log on 
> rollbacks when logStatementText  is enabled    |Kristian Waagan
> DERBY-3060  |[DERBY-3060] Network Server incorrectly assumes that all 
> SQLExceptions with error code 08004 are caused by an authentication 
> fa&|J°rgen L°land
> *DERBY-2983  |[DERBY-2983] The ResultSet returned by 
> DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions() does not contain a required column named 
> FUNCTION_TYPE.  |Rick Hillegas
> *DERBY-2948  |[DERBY-2948] Reoccurrence of DERBY-2842: 
> derbynet/testconnection.java fails with '...Connection refused: connect' 
> expecting 'Co&|Kathey Marsden
> *DERBY-2815  |[DERBY-2815] ij doesn't start with J2ME / JSR169 / weme6.1 
> because attempting to find java.sql.Driver if ij.protocol property 
> i&|Myrna van Lunteren
> *DERBY-2733  |[DERBY-2733] ij rolls through NullPointerException (NPE) 
> with J2ME/JSR169/WEME 6.1.         |Myrna van Lunteren
> DERBY-2592  |[DERBY-2592] Wrong description of IndexName field in public 
> JavaDoc for LockTable |Jazarine Jamal
> Thanks
> Kathey

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