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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject FYI: Bugs fixed in 10.4 but not in 10.3
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 13:30:06 GMT
I see the following bug fixes in 10.4 that have not been backported to 
10.3.  I think the ones marked with an * make sense to backport to 
10.3.  Please let me know if there are fixes that you think should or 
should not be backported.

*DERBY-3690  |[DERBY-3690] EmbedPooledConnection doesn't reset schema 
when creating a new logical connection |Kristian Waagan
*DERBY-3596  |[DERBY-3596] Creation of logical connections from a pooled 
connection causes resource leak on the server | Kristian Waagan
*DERBY-3593  |[DERBY-3593] ErrorCode 30000 when quering a select with 
'having' clause and named tables with aliases for selected fields       
*DERBY-3589  |[DERBY-3589] AllocPage.createPage() doesn't initialize 
minimumRecordSize correctly  |Knut Anders Hatlen
*DERBY-3581  |[DERBY-3581] Changing certain properties on client 
DataSource objects causes existing connections to reflect the new 
values     |Kristian Waagan
DERBY-3574  |[DERBY-3574] With client, attempting to get the lob length 
after commit  or connection close if there  wasa call to length() before 
commit does not throw an exception|Tiago R. Espinha
DERBY-3469  |[DERBY-3469] Clob.length() doesn't detect a closed 
underlying connection in a consistent way |Tiago R. Espinha
*DERBY-3430  |[DERBY-3430] Inconsistency in JDBC autogen APIs between 
Connection.prepareStatement(...) and Statement.execute(...)             
|Kathey Marsden
DERBY-3366  |[DERBY-3366] Various formatting erros in L10N property 
files   |Dyre Tjeldvoll
DERBY-3352  |[DERBY-3352] truncateTable crashed, Caused by: 
java.lang.NullPointerException  |Dyre Tjeldvoll
*DERBY-3350  |[DERBY-3350] SQL CAST always marks its type as nullable 
even if the expression to be cast is not nullable   |Daniel John Debrunner
*DERBY-3307  |[DERBY-3307] NPE in PooledConnction event notification 
handling if a null listener is added |Knut Anders Hatlen
*DERBY-3299  |[DERBY-3299] Uniqueness violation error (23505) occurs 
after dropping a PK constraint if there exists a for eign key on the 
same&|A B
*DERBY-3226  |[DERBY-3226] BlobLocatorInputStream.read() and 
ClobLocatorInputStream.read() don't mask out sign bits      |Knut Anders 
*DERBY-3198  |[DERBY-3198] Using setQueryTimeout will leak sections 
|Dyre Tjeldvoll
DERBY-3160  |[DERBY-3160] SYSCS_GET_USER_ACCESS incorrectly treats the 
passed in user name as a SQL identifier and thus can reports the 
wron&|Daniel John Debrunner
DERBY-3079  |[DERBY-3079] Database name is printed twice in derby.log on 
rollbacks when logStatementText  is enabled    |Kristian Waagan
DERBY-3060  |[DERBY-3060] Network Server incorrectly assumes that all 
SQLExceptions with error code 08004 are caused by an authentication 
fa&|J°rgen L°land
*DERBY-2983  |[DERBY-2983] The ResultSet returned by 
DatabaseMetaData.getFunctions() does not contain a required column named 
FUNCTION_TYPE.  |Rick Hillegas
*DERBY-2948  |[DERBY-2948] Reoccurrence of DERBY-2842: 
derbynet/testconnection.java fails with '...Connection refused: connect' 
expecting 'Co&|Kathey Marsden
*DERBY-2815  |[DERBY-2815] ij doesn't start with J2ME / JSR169 / weme6.1 
because attempting to find java.sql.Driver if ij.protocol property 
i&|Myrna van Lunteren
*DERBY-2733  |[DERBY-2733] ij rolls through NullPointerException (NPE) 
with J2ME/JSR169/WEME 6.1.         |Myrna van Lunteren
DERBY-2592  |[DERBY-2592] Wrong description of IndexName field in public 
JavaDoc for LockTable |Jazarine Jamal



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