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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: upcoming 10.4.2 release
Date Mon, 04 Aug 2008 07:54:26 GMT
Rick Hillegas wrote:
> I volunteer to manage a 10.4 maintenance release at the end of August. 

Thanks for volunteering, Rick!

> Specifically, I would like to:
> 1) Circulate release notes the week of August 18.
> 2) Post a release candidate the week of August 25.
> Could the community be ready for a release at the end of August? In 
> particular
> A) By the evening of August 18, could people be done posting their 
> release notes?

I don't think any of my fixes will require a release note.

> B) By the evening of August 25, could people be done porting their 
> important bug fixes to 10.4?

I'm on vacation starting August 8, and will be back August 25. So I have 
to get everything done this week. I'll summarize what I have been 
working on for the 10.4.2 release below. Most issues are regarding LOBs 
or connection pooling environments.

The following Jiras are on my list of current important fixes:
   DERBY-3799 : NPE with LOBs seen when using connection pooling
   DERBY-3791 : Excessive memory usage when fetching small Clobs
   DERBY-3766 : EmbedBlob.setPosition is highly ineffective for streams

These have all been committed to trunk already, but DERBY-3791 and 
DERBY-3766 have to be backported.

In addition the following issues are already backported to 10.4:
   DERBY-3735 : Incorrect position calculation in PositionedStoreStream 
with read(byte[],...)
   DERBY-3768 : Make EmbedBlob.length use skip instead of read
   DERBY-3769 : Make LOBStoredProcedure on the server side smarter about 
the read buffer size
   DERBY-3781 : PositionedStoreStream.reposition(pos) with pos greater 
than length leaves the stream object in an inconsistent state
   DERBY-3783 : LOBStreamControl shouldn't throw SQLException
   DERBY-3596 : Creation of logical connections from a pooled connection 
causes resource leak on the server

There are more fixes coming in this area of the code, but I probably 
won't have time to get them done for 10.4.2.

BTW; If anyone has some free cycles, I would appreciate some input on 
DERBY-2822 (Add caching of store stream length in StoreStreamClob, if 
appropriate), which should be a rather simple fix if it is valid. It was 
when looking a bit into this I observed DERBY-3811.


> Thanks,
> -Rick

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