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From Øyvind Jensen <oyvin...@tihlde.org>
Subject Re: Apache Derby Management Tool
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2008 11:28:18 GMT

Daniel John Debrunner-2 wrote:
>> Basic functionality
>> Application programming interface (API)
>> -Start/Stop database (DB)
>> -Change port and DB default directory
>> -Run Apache Derby as network server and embedded
>> -Create tables and retrieve data
>> -Show server parameters and monitoring information
>> -Logging (client and server)
> I'm not sure what is being proposed here for the above list, Derby 
> already has api's to do all of the above, is this introducing new 
> alternate (non-standard?) mechanisms?

The API is client-side only and includes the JMX part connecting to a
running Apache Derby instance. All functionality is implemented here. The
only reason for doing this is to separating out the swing specific parts
completely, if someone wants to make use of what we've done and implement it
with non-swing components. (See below for clarification on possible overlap)

Daniel John Debrunner-2 wrote:
>> We would like to know your opinions on including a graphical management
>> tool into Apache Derby. We're aware of the project details when it comes
>> to GUIs, but we believe there is no better place to host the code. It
>> will
>> ease development and the tool will in turn potentially benefit the
>> community.
> Such a contribution would require a software grant (see 
> http://www.apache.org/licenses/#grants ) which in turn requires that 
> belief from a PMC that it will gain a viable community. One concern is 
> that typically the overlap in interest and skills between database 
> internal folk (e.g. the Derby community) and GUI folk is small.
> On the other hand it's possible that having a different community work 
> on an api for management would be confusing as the Derby community 
> starts to expose management itself through JMX.

I've touched on this with Håvard. I do see things being done by the Derby
community making most or all of our API code obsolete in the long run, and
we have removed some chunks of code leading up to the 10.4 release. I guess
the API will be a transitional part only.
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