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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: ClassLoader leaks?
Date Mon, 30 Jun 2008 21:27:57 GMT
Kathey Marsden wrote:
> I got this analysis from a user and am not quite sure what to make of 
> it yet, but thought I would forward it to the
> list to see if anyone has opinions or it makes more sense to them than 
> it does to me at this point.  Here's the note.
> "I've  found a few app ClassLoader leaks in Derby.
> ...The first one looks like Derby created a long-running thread and 
> copying the context class loader.  To fix, the context class loader 
> should be saved/set/restored around the creation of the new thread so 
> that it copies some benign class loader instead (e.g., null or 
> getClass().getClassLoader()):
> 0x42278e58 java/lang/Thread@302e302e
>  [truncating at running thread LEAK]
> Object:  0x42278e58 java/lang/Thread@302e302e
> Children:
> 0x42278ee0 java/lang/String@303f303f
> 0x4226e558 java/lang/ThreadGroup@6f2e6f2e
> 0x42278e40 org/apache/derby/impl/services/monitor/AntiGC@603a603a
> 0x419cfac0
> The second is another long running thread.  The same applies:
> 0x426fe7a0 java/lang/Thread@19901990
>  [truncating at running thread LEAK]
> Object:  0x426fe7a0 java/lang/Thread@19901990
> Parents:
> 0x4226e5a8 [Ljava/lang/Thread;@6f386f38
> 0x426fe548 org/apache/derby/iapi/services/context/ContextManager@19421942
> Children:
> 0x426fe838 java/lang/String@19a319a3
> 0x4226e558 java/lang/ThreadGroup@6f2e6f2e
> 0x426fe4f8 org/apache/derby/impl/services/daemon/BasicDaemon@19381938
> 0x419cfac0
> The third is a TimerThread owneed , which is created when a Timer is 
> created.  The same applies:
> 0x425ac538 java/util/Timer$TimerImpl@6b8a6b8a
>  [truncating at running thread LEAK]
> Object:  0x425ac538 java/util/Timer$TimerImpl@6b8a6b8a
> Parents:
> 0x41faaf58 [Ljava/lang/Thread;@3c583c58
> Object:  0x425ac510 java/util/Timer@6b856b85
> Parents:
> 0x425ac500 
> org/apache/derby/impl/services/timer/SingletonTimerFactory@56e25
> 6e2
> Thanks for any input. I will follow up with the user and see if I can 
> get some more details and translate into something we can file in Jira.
I got some more information on this issue.  The user modified a simple 
derby program to "show the leak".  This work's only with IBM jdk's.   
Here is the comment that went with the program:

"I create a new BJKCL and set it as the context class loader.  Then, we 
interact with Derby and clean up the context class loader.  Finally, run 
a GC which should allow the temporary BJKCL to be cleaned up, and then 
generate a javacore/heapdump.  In an app server  scenario, that would 
translate as "BJKCL is the app CL", and the "interact with Derby" is an 
application doing a JNDI DataSource lookup for the first time.  Of 
course, we never want to shut down Derby in the app server, so I had to 
remove that bit to keep things alive."

Thanks again for any input.  I'm still not totally clear on what is 
going on here.


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