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From Rick Hillegas <Richard.Hille...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Rationale for REVOKE EXECUTE.. RESTRICT vs. REVOKE <role>
Date Wed, 16 Apr 2008 14:33:00 GMT
Dag H. Wanvik wrote:
> Hi,
> A while back I asked if anyone knew the rationale for requiring
> RESTRICT on the revoke statement when an execute privilege is revoked,
> but I got no reply so I am trying again :)
> Similaryly, who do we not allow RESTRICT for table/column privilege?
> Knowing the answer might help inform a decision I have to make when
> specifying REVOKE <role> as part of the roles work.
> Short background:
> * Derby requires the RESTRICT semantics when revoking execution privileges.
>   Derby does not allow RESTRICT semantics when revoking table/column privileges.
>   That is, the revoke semantics for the two kinds of privileges are
>   incompatible.
> * All kinds of privileges can be granted to a role, say role A.  A
>   user who is granted the use of role A, can then make use of
>   privileges granted to A, both execution and table privileges,
>   possibly relying on the for creating persistent objects
>   (constraints, trigger or views).
> * If role A is now revoked from the user, should we use RESTRICT or
>   CASCADE semantics? Since the role may enjoy both kinds of privileges
>   at the same time, no matter which semantics we choose it would
>   potentially be surprising given that Derby has imcompatible revoke
>   semantics as described.
>   If we let REVOKE <role>role have RESTRICT semantics, we would get RESTRICT
>   semantics for table/column privileges, if such a privilege had been
>   granted to A.
>   Conversely, if we let REVOKE <role> have CASCADE semantics, it could
>   surprise users if an execute privilege were had been granted to A.
> If I have to choose, I would say that RESTRICT seems less risky in
> that any surprise is less potentially damaging. What do you think?
> Dag
Hi Dag,

I agree that RESTRICT seems less damaging. But it would be good to know 
why RESTRICT was not allowed for table/column privileges. Maybe Mamta or 
Dan could you shed some light on this.


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