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From j...@apache.org
Subject [jira] Subscription: Derby: JIRA issues with patch available
Date Sun, 13 Apr 2008 15:35:04 GMT
Issue Subscription
Filter: Derby: JIRA issues with patch available (5 issues)
Subscriber: derby-dev

Key         Summary
DERBY-3615  Making the instructions more clear in documentation(BUILDING.txt) regarding setting
JRE lib path for a Windows system
DERBY-2892  Closing a resultset after retrieving a large > 32665 bytes value with Network
Server does not release locks
DERBY-3409  Remove JDBC 2.0-specific topics from Reference Manual and merge implementation
notes as needed
DERBY-3543  NetworkServerControl with options but no command does not give usage message
DERBY-3581  Changing certain properties on client DataSource objects causes existing connections
to reflect the new values


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