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From Dyre.Tjeldv...@Sun.COM
Subject Re: 10.4 bug fixing
Date Thu, 13 Mar 2008 13:12:20 GMT
Kathey Marsden <kmarsdenderby@sbcglobal.net> writes:

> Now that feature freeze is behind us, it would be great to spend a few
> weeks attending to the bug
> backlog.  If every developer took just a couple bugs, we could
> hopefully get the list back down
> below 300 (assuming we don't find too many more).  Below are some
> links that you might find
> helpful in your search for bugs to fix.
> Derby open code bugs: (331)
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&&type=1&pid=10594&status=1&status=3&status=4&component=11407&component=12312171&component=11409&component=11690&component=11410&component=11709&component=12312050&component=11411&component=11415&component=11408&component=11412&component=11414&sorter/field=issuekey&sorter/order=DESC
> Derby Open Product Regressions (16)
> https://issues.apache.org/jira/secure/IssueNavigator.jspa?reset=true&&pid=10594&resolution=-1&customfield_12310090=Regression&sorter/field=issuekey&sorter/order=ASC&sorter/field=updated&sorter/order=DESC&sorter/field=priority&sorter/order=DESC
> High Value Fix Candidates
> http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/HighValueFixCandidates
> First Release Candidate is 2008-04-04, so there is enough but not much
> time.  Please pick up a bug today!  Also let me know if you have any
> ideas to make the bug drive more fun and successful.  Did folks like
> the contests or is it better just to stick with  informal peer
> pressure?

Thanks for raising this issue, Kathey.
I have on my todo-list to create TenFourXTesting Wiki pages similar the ones
that were created for 10.3. (But if anyone gets impatient they should
feel free to jump in, it is a Wiki after all).

Specifically, I encourage people to think about buddy testing and which
features they would like to buddy test. 



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