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From Dyre.Tjeldv...@Sun.COM
Subject Re: Feature description in release notes
Date Wed, 26 Mar 2008 11:22:14 GMT
Bryan Pendleton <bpendleton@amberpoint.com> writes:

>> <li>SQL OLAP functionality. Features T611.</li>
> This is too broad, I'm afraid. The only OLAP feature we completed
> for 10.4 was the ROW_NUMBER feature, DERBY-2998.
> As far as text describing the feature, can the first few paragraphs
> of http://wiki.apache.org/db-derby/OLAPRowNumber be used?

Thanks. Based on that I now have

<li>SQL ROW_NUMBER function, as described in the SQL 2003 standard
section 6.10. (The ROW_NUMBER() <em>window</em> function, as described
in section 7.11 is not implemented)</li>

(I didn't know how to use the actual description: 

"This function computes the sequential row number, starting with 1, of
the row within its window partition according to the ordering of the

as long as the window part is not implemented...)


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