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From "Erlend Birkenes" <erl...@birkenes.net>
Subject GSoC
Date Tue, 25 Mar 2008 13:22:57 GMT
Hello Everyone,

My name is Erlend Birkenes and I'm studying Computer Science at the
University of Bergen, Norway.
I'm very interested in working on Derby for this years Google Summer of
Code. I see there are a couple
of other students interested as well but I hope there is room for one more..

I've wanted to get involved in a open source project for a long time, since
I'm a big fan of open source in general
and prefer to use open source products whenever I can. I also think it is
important for a career and to develop
myself as a programmer to be involved in a few different projects. But it's
a bit of an effort to get into it and I think this
is a good oportunity and a very good way to get started and get some
invaluable experience at the same time.

I have downloaded and built the source and have the tests running at home (I
had a little more trouble at
school, where 1.4 isn't installed, but I'll try to get them to install it),
and I've started playing with it to get to know it.
We're also using Derby in a System Development project this semester, so
I've used it a little bit and expect to
use it much more before the summer.

What i would like now is to get in touch with the mentors and discuss what
tasks I might be able to work on this summer
and start sketching a plan and timeline for my application. I will  take a
look at the buglist later today and try to get an

Some questions that I have for now:
How many students do you plan to take on? Is there work for more than one?
Are there other tasks that you would like done, besides converting tests and
When are the mentors mostly online? I guess the mentors are americans so
there will be some time-difference, but judging by names
there seems to be quite a lot of norwegians (or at least scandinavians) here
as well. Thats good! :-)

Well, thats it for now. I hope we will see much more of each other.

Best regards

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