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From Mayuresh Nirhali <Mayuresh.Nirh...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: IJ always returns 0 with sql script as argument
Date Mon, 24 Mar 2008 14:04:51 GMT

Honestly, I assumed that this should be the behavior. I did not look for 
any description in the docs. I looked through the code after writing to 
the group and figured the same thing as you mention. The errors observed 
when the script is run do not imply a different exit status.

Basically, I am working with some shell scripts that invoke IJ with sql 
schema scripts and the shell scripts got me confused when I saw that the 
return status is not a non-zero number on error. any workaround here ?


Rick Hillegas wrote:
> Mayuresh Nirhali wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I tried following simple command with ij and it seems IJ always 
>> returns 0.
>> % java -cp $CLASSPATH -Dij.protocol=jdbc:derby: 
>> org.apache.derby.tools.ij test_create.sql           ij version 10.5
>> ij> -- 
>> *********************************************************************
>> CREATE TABLE my_schema (
>>    version VARCHAR(32)
>> );
>> IJ ERROR: Unable to establish connection
>> ij> % echo $?
>> 0
>> %
>> Isnt this a bug ?
>> Or I must be missing something really basic here ? :-p
>> Mayuresh
> Hi Mayuresh,
> The Tools Guide doesn't say what ij's behavior here should be. At 
> least, I can't find any description. The description of the "exit" 
> command doesn't mention this issue. Neither does the "Running ij 
> scripts" section. The "exit" command itself doesn't take a status code 
> argument. Have you found some text in the Tools Guide which indicates 
> that this behavior is defined?
> Thanks,
> -Rick

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