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From Narayanan <V.Naraya...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Opinions please - some questions regarding replication
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 04:24:35 GMT
Daniel John Debrunner wrote:
> Narayanan wrote:
>> Jørgen Løland wrote:
>>> I have a few questions regarding replication that would be great
>>> to hear the community's opinion on before the 10.4 branching. The
>>> reason for bringing this up before code freeze is that these will
>>> have impact on existing applications if changed later.
>>> 3. Should replication be shipped in a separate JAR file? Pros and
>>>    cons as I see it:
>>>    + Remove 65KB (unjared) of class files from derby.jar
>>>    + Possible to have a different security policy file for replication?
>>>    - Yet another JAR file
>> I found the following imports in the SlaveController class.
>> import org.apache.derby.iapi.error.StandardException;
>> import org.apache.derby.iapi.store.raw.RawStoreFactory;
>> import org.apache.derby.iapi.store.raw.log.LogFactory;
>> import org.apache.derby.impl.store.raw.log.LogToFile;
>> If SlaveController were moved to a separate replication jar wouldn't 
>> referencing the above classes
>> from derby.jar result in sealing violations? This would require 
>> giving special
>> permissions for these packages in the manifest creation in build.xml 
>> like this for example
> Sealing does not hide packages from other code, does it? I thought it 
> only prevented other code from inserting classes into the same package.
> Dan.
 From Derby-2071 I can see that accessing classes from 
"org.apache.derby.iapi.services.io" in another jar can cause you a 
sealing violation.

Also I found

"If you try to load a class in a sealed package from another source 
other than the JAR file in which the sealed package lives, the JVM will 
throw a |SecurityException|."

here http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/library/j-jar/#N101D6 as the last 
line in the Package sealing sub-header.


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