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From Army <qoz...@gmail.com>
Subject DatabaseMetaData, upgradeTests, and primary/foreign keys...
Date Mon, 11 Feb 2008 22:09:04 GMT
In my local codeline I added a new upgrade fixture to 
upgradeTests/Changes10_4.java that creates a primary key and several 
foreign keys.  After doing so I noticed that a handful of the fixtures 
in jdbcapi/DatabaseMetaDataTest, when run as part of 
upgradeTests/_Suite.java, started failing.

 From what I can tell there are a couple of test cases--esp. for ODBC 
testing--which execute DatabaseMetaData procedures that are meant to 
return "all (non-system) keys in the database".  Since the ChangesXX_y 
tests are interspersed with DatabaseMetaDataTests for each phase, and 
since my new fixture in Changes10_4.java creates several new keys, the 
metadata test cases which check for "all keys in the database" now have 
more rows than previously expected, and thus fail.  But if I change the 
DatabaseMetaData tests to account for the additional keys, they will 
fail when run standalone because those keys won't exist outside of the 
upgrade suite.

I couldn't find any obvious "quick fixes" for this, so I made some 
changes locally to separate the database metadata upgrade tests out from 
the ChangesXX_y upgrade tests, so that the former are not affected by 
the latter.  I.e. with my changes upgradeTests/_Suite will first run a 
suite that tests the 5 phases of upgrade with the various ChangesXX_y 
fixtures, and then when that's done, it'll start a second suite that 
repeats the 5 phases with the DatabaseMetaData tests.  This seems to 
have worked for me locally...

But is that really necessary, or is there a known (cleaner) way to deal 
with this kind of thing?

For what it's worth, I did a quick grep for "foreign" and "primary" in 
the various ChangesXX_y.java files and found no declarations of primary 
nor foreign keys.  So I'm guessing this particular behavior is simply 
not an issue with the current set of upgrade tests...but I could of 
course be mistaken...


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