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From Kathey Marsden <kmarsdende...@sbcglobal.net>
Subject Re: Bug fixes in trunk that are not in 10.3 branch
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 20:36:55 GMT
Thanks Kristian for the reformatted report.
Kristian Waagan wrote:
> I see that I worked on two of the issues (3308 and 3079), but I didn't 
> backport them because I wasn't quite sure about which guidelines to 
> follow.
I think if a change will likely benefit users and offers low risk of 
regression or impact to existing users it is a good candidate for 
backport. DERBY-3308 sounds like it might likely hit in a production 
scenario and be hard to diagnose, so if you consider it low risk, I 
think that would be a good candidate for backport. I doubt DERBY-3079  
on the other hand is going to cause anyone too much trouble, so may not 
be worth the backport effort.  In general it is a personal judgement call.


offers some guidance about backporting changes. You can also always ask 
on the list if you are want additional opinions.


> DERBY-3366: Various formatting erros in L10N property files
> DERBY-3350: SQL CAST always marks its type as nullable even if the 
> expression to be cast is not nullable
> DERBY-3308: Broken synchronization for event handling in 
> ClientPooledConnection40
> DERBY-3298: Getting Started manual needs clearer introduction to 
> connection URL
> DERBY-3278: Developer's Guide topic cdevdvlp51654 has duplicate 
> information on connection URL
> DERBY-3274: Developer's Guide has duplicate information on database 
> connections
> DERBY-3262: Documentation is missing cross-references for connection 
> URL attributes
> DERBY-3226: BlobLocatorInputStream.read() and 
> ClobLocatorInputStream.read() don't mask out sign bits
> DERBY-3215: Potential NullPointerException in CachedPage class
> DERBY-3168: Reference Manual lacks topics on trace-related connection 
> URL attributes
> DERBY-3160: SYSCS_GET_USER_ACCESS incorrectly treats the passed in 
> user name as a SQL identifier and thus can reports the wron&
> DERBY-3084: CREATE SCHEMA in refman does not contain material on 
> restrictions in sqlAuthorization mode
> DERBY-3079: Database name is printed twice in derby.log on rollbacks 
> when logStatementText  is enabled
> DERBY-3060: Network Server incorrectly assumes that all SQLExceptions 
> with error code 08004 are caused by an authentication fa&
> DERBY-2948: Reoccurrence of DERBY-2842: derbynet/testconnection.java 
> fails with '...Connection refused: connect' expecting 'Co&
> DERBY-2935: DDMReader.readLengthAndCodePoint() decodes long integer 
> incorrectly
> DERBY-2815: ij doesn't start with J2ME / JSR169 / weme6.1 because 
> attempting to find java.sql.Driver if ij.protocol property i&
> DERBY-2733: ij rolls through NullPointerException (NPE) with 
> J2ME/JSR169/WEME 6.1.
> DERBY-2270: '18 ' (18 followed by four blanks) needs three more blanks
> DERBY-1823: Derby Developer's Guide -  Issues w/ User authentication 
> and authorization extended examples section/paragraph
> regards,

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