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From Kristian Waagan <Kristian.Waa...@Sun.COM>
Subject Re: Patch available checkbox on the attach file page?
Date Mon, 04 Feb 2008 09:47:03 GMT

I have some questions regarding implementing the proposed change. Only
positive feedback has been given so far, and I plan to move forward with

  1) Do we need a vote for this?
  2) Would any of those with Jira super-powers volunteer to have a look
     at implementing the change?
     The little research I have done indicates it can be made simply by
     clicking in the right places in the Jira web administration GUI.
     It's hard to give exact instructions, as I do not have administrator
     access to a Jira installation, but I should be able to give some

A bit on the side (feel free to change the subject when replying):
  3) When looking around in Jira, I noticed we have a PMC role. As far as
     I can tell, it is not up-to-date. Should it be?
  4) http://db.apache.org/whoweare.html is not updated either.
     Who can update the page, and where are the source(s) located?


> Hello,
> When I upload new files to Jira issues, I'm often a bit annoyed by the 
> fact that I have to first upload the file(s) and then go edit the issue 
> to tic the patch available checkbox.
> It also generates two mails.
> Would it make sense to include the patch available checkbox on the 
> attach file page/dialog?
> I have not investigated how this can be done, but if people think it is 
> a useful change I can do a little research.
> I checked quickly with infra, and based on the feedback I got it seems 
> we would be allowed to make such a change if it is feasible.

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